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Stand Up Comedy Contest Submissions

All Submissions must be completed by September 1st 2019. Please note that you will not be considered eligible for entry until you have supplied all necessary information:


- Short Bio (limited to 200 words)

- Link to a 5-7 min, live, unedited performance of your act. Please don't set your video to private. (If it's private, we can't see it.)

- Submission fee ($38)

2018 Contest FinalisT

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If you  have a show you would like to co-produce with please reach out. We would love to hear from you.

Nancy Norton

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Non-Contest Submissions

Q. When is the submission deadline?

A. The deadline for the Boston Comedy Festival Stand-Up Contest is Sept 1st 2019


Q. The video I want to use is longer then 7 min can I still send it?
A. If your video is longer than 7 minutes you can still submit it but due to the volume of submissions we only guarantee that we watch the FIRST 5 minutes.


Q. performed at last two festivals and now I'm addicted to it. Do I need to submit again and pay a submission fee?
A. Yes you do. However, keep in mind that we're always on the lookout for new performers to feature at BCF. But if you think your new material is amazing and you really want to play BCF again, submit away!


Q. How many comics get accepted into the Stand-Up Competition?
A. 48


Q. How much time will I do?
A. The Boston Comedy Festival: The Preliminary sets are 5 minutes. Semi Final and Final Sets are 8 min 
*Note there is a penalty if you go over your time.


Q.Can I do the same material in each round?A. That is up to you.


Q. How is the order of comedians picked for each show?A. We randomly draw numbers before the show. The number you draw is the order in which you will perform. This is part of the reason that we ask you arrive half an hour early.


Q. How will I learn if I am accepted to perform?A. We will email you the date and time of your preliminary round and a schedule of your other shows.


Q. I didn't get in. Can I still come and hang out?A.YES! If you submitted a complete application you are more then welcome to come to the shows and after-parties. Just email us at requesting your credentials By September 15th 2017


Q. What shows will I be able to get in to with my performer pass?A. Your credentials will get you into all shows. However, ticket holders and industry credentials will get priority seating. On occasion, when our shows are very popular and seats are filled, performer credentials will be ushered to a standing room only until we are at fire capacity. Television and audio are provided for anyone who is not able to safely fit into the performance area. Being a part of a festival where we are at full capacity is not the worst thing in world!

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