Boston Comedy Festival Stand Up Competitions FAQ’s

Q. When are the submission deadlines?

Submissions end on January 6th 2024

Q. Guidelines for submissions?

A. To complete your submission we require a * Short Bio (limited to 200 words) * Link to a 5-7 min, unedited performance of your act: * Submission fee

Q. What is the prize Money?

Five Thousand Dollars

Q. The video I want to use is longer then 5 min can I still send it?

A. If your video is longer than 5 minutes you can still submit it but due to the volume of submissions, we cannot guarantee that we watch the whole video.

Q. How much is the submissions fee?

• Submissions fee is $35

Q. How many comics get accepted to each Stand-Up Competition?

For the Boston Comedy Festival it’s 72

Q. How much time will I do?

A. The Boston Comedy Festival: Preliminary sets are 5 minutes. Semi-Final Sets are 10 Min Final Sets are determined week of festival

Q. Can I do the same material in each round?

A. That’s up to you.

Q. How is the order of comedians picked for each show?

A. We randomly draw numbers before the show. The number you draw is the order in which you will perform.

Q. How will I learn if I am accepted to perform?

A. We will email you the date and time of your preliminary round. For further questions reach out to

When Is the Contest

March 25h 2024- March 30th, 2024 Preliminary Rounds 3.26.2023 - 3.27.2023 Semi- Final Rounds 3.28.2023 - 3.29.2023 Final Round 3.30.2023

How do I submit a one person show

If you would like to participate in the festival but not the contest please email us a proposal